The Secret of Sports Recovery No One Is Talking About

Sports Recovery, it really is a non-negotiable of any athletes training and competition schedule, that is if you want to become the best version of you.

The best type of sports recovery depends on what cycle you are in and what you are training for. Let’s take a look at a local sports star, a weekend warrior, and competition based athlete.

The local sporting star: They play a game each week typically on a Saturday, training with the team consists of two weekly sessions, the impact varies on time of the session(s). Outside of this a maintenance of fitness level is required.

A weekend warrior: You know the ones, they sign up for fun runs and may have done at least one tough mudder in their lifetime. Typically a week might look like a run or swim before work/ uni and a gym membership that gets used weekly. Normally career comes into play here and after leg day you will notice these types of athletes taking the lift rather than the stairs.

Competition based athlete: These athletes have long and short leads into competitions depending on seasons. For example, BMX, Cheerleading, Swimming, MMA are just a few that come to mind. Training consists of blocks and a scaffolding of fitness and skills.

In each of the athlete scenarios above they would be training to a weekly training schedule, which would mean that they, if they were wanting to improve performance, speed, and agility will factor in recovery into and after each training session and game. Sports Recovery might be as simple as an active cool down aided with a protein shake to aid in muscle recovery. A full recovery is a little more complex, and is recommended for all athlete scenarios above at least twice a week.

Interesting, I hear you say. But what is a full sports recovery and why would it benefit me more than an active cool down and recovery nutrition?

Well it isn’t do this or that type of scenario, it is about adding in a full active recovery into your training schedule to aide your current strategies(including nutrition) and enhance (shorten) your recovery time to your optimal self. A full recovery takes into account the whole athlete, the physical and psychological side.

At P3 there are two different zones to choose from, and depending on time available P3 highly recommend doing both dry and wet therapy zones into part of your weekly recovery. The dry therapy includes a dry lounge where athletes can switch off, sit back and relax while recovery boot/body garments tighten and release to help increase blood flow and this is especially great for the dreaded DOM (Delayed Onset Muscle) soreness. Then the next recommended step is into cycles of the wet therapy which include 3 minute cycles in the magnesium hydropool, hot and cold spas and sauna for a total minimum of 45 minutes.

I started coming here in 2016 when I returned to running after a short break (about 22 years). I would hobble in after my long runs and walk out after a session of dry and wet therapy. Ducking in for a quick dip in the cold pool and hot spa after twice weekly track sessions has been a great aid in keeping me moving freely, and is helping me to keep some chronic injuries under control. Great facilities and friendly, helpful staff make P3 a key part of my fitness program”. Gerard Corkeron

Gerard Corkeron

“I’ve taken a few of my groups of Athletes to recover at P3! Both groups not only felt great after but they also had a great time bonding as a team! I highly recommend taking your individual athlete or your group of athletes to P3 to recover! Great staff and very clean, safe, and fun environment! #TeamEnergy”. Trevor Burnette

Trevor Burnette

“Great place to go and recover from a bruised or sore body. The wet and dry therapy is great and you definitely walk out a different person than what you walked in as”. Tim Kallista

Tim Kallista

The secret? Recovery, full recovery, a non- negotiable in any athlete’s training schedule.

And just before you go and think I don’t have time to do this or it is too expensive, you need to read our article “Preventative better than a Cure” and you might just find that P3 offers full recovery options cheaper than your daily cup of coffee.