The relief your mum needs in her life

Look, perfume and PJ’s are nice but ask any mum who is into her fitness, sport, and life and she’ll admit the ultimate gift is a day of recovery, physically and mentally. Ok, so if this said mum has three kids under three, she might also appreciate a bottle of wine. Heck who are we kidding, kids of any age, give her the wine. Oh and a day of no fighting, whining or asking mum for anything*.

Back to recovery…..You have a mum (or wife, cause let’s face it Little Johnny will be happy to give her the macaroni necklace) that runs, maybe she swims, or plays netty, kicks the footy, swings her way around a golf course, has signed up for the Melbourne Marathon or any other form of activity that turns her into warrior Lagertha. If you do have a warrior mum (wife) she will love something that refreshes her tired and sore muscles, leaves her feel invigorated and relaxed and she might want to do it on a weekly basis (just sayin’).

A weekly dose of recovery, what is it and am I sending my Mum/ Wife to rehab?

Sports Recovery, sorry forgot to add in the Sports part! Sports Recovery at P3 Sports & Recovery can include dips in a magnesium pool where magnesium is absorbed through the skin to give an advantage over the pill variety. Cycles of a sauna, and hot & cold spas to help feel invigorated and soothe tired and worn out muscles. Added to that, there is the recovery lounge, a complete child free zone where mum can sit back and relax in a lounge while the recovery boots do all the work for her while they pump and get the blood moving quickly. Here, she can catch up on the latest episodes on Netflix and totally zone out from everyone and everything.

Typically after a session in the dry and wet therapy people leave saying all sorts of things like, “Oh My Goodness, this is the best thing ever”. Don’t believe us, check out some of the quotes from real people below:

Angel N Akarana

“I’m no pro athlete but I do my fair share of training to get sore & aching muscles. 3 x wet therapy in a week has helped heaps. Certainly recommending it”. Sarah Heft

Sarah Heft

“Absolutely love it as an athlete this is perfect in my aid to recovery from both training, games and injury! Thanks to an amazing team”. Oneta Schwalger

Oneta Schwalger

I need to sign Mum up, she will love me for it, even more than she does now!

You can either purchase a one off session for a wet session, dry session or both combined. Or you can purchase an unlimited monthly pass or a yearly subscription, and basically, these options will probably put you at the top of the favourite child pool, for like ever.

Check out the pricing table below and for more information, you can use the contact form below, email us at or call (03) 9768 9276.

For further information on pricing or to purchase a membership please go HERE. We have a special offer on at the moment for our 12-month membership packages, #winning.

*Yes, this was written by a mum, who may be experiencing all of these mum symptoms right NOW.


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